Our Approach

GP Selection and Assignment

EdgeLine Capital Partners employs a process driven approach to identify and select premier investment strategies and partnerships. We use both qualitative and quantitative analysis to understand each prospective partnership in detail. We also examine the viability of the strategy in the market to determine the potential for successfully securing capital. The process is enhanced by our Advisory Board Chairman, who brings his distinguished credentials and experience as the former Chief Investment Officer for a number of premier public and private institutional investors. In order to provide the highest level of service for our GP clients, we only accept a limited number of engagements each year, and will not represent competing strategies.

LP Investor Relationships

Our investor relationships are the key to our success.

When an investment manager sets forth on the fundraising trail, they will often find themselves competing with hundreds of funds for the attention of institutional investors. Thus, it is critical that the fundraising team has real relationships with the key decision makers. Having great relationships with primary staff, trustees, and advisors, along with a thorough understanding of the investor’s objectives, criteria, due diligence and decision making process, allows us to properly position only those strategies that resonate. This up-front work increases the probability of securing capital commitments. Our investors have come to appreciate our thoughtful introductions to investment strategies that fit their investment objectives. This provides us with exceptional access to the most prominent institutional investors worldwide.

Fundraising Process

Our disciplined approach to fundraising helps us successfully navigate the barriers to securing institutional capital. The barriers include: limited LP staff resources, capital constraints, gatekeepers, investor strategy biases, and competitive market conditions. EdgeLine leverages our relationships and experience to help our clients work through these barriers and reach their fundraising objectives.

To achieve success, we adhere to our proven process, which includes:

Pre-Selling – where we implement our focused, targeted approach to educate investors on specific fund strategies and identify qualified investor candidates

Qualifying – where we truly understand the competitive landscape so as to confirm the investors’ interest and capacity for the strategy

Finalize Commitment – where we leverage our key relationships with investors and successfully guide the GP through the investment decision process to achieve a high close ratio